The Upper Peninsula Honor Flight takes World War II and Korean War veterans to the memorial in Washington, D.C. and today a Marquette business gave a little back to ease the burden of cost on future trips.

The Marquette Township Culver’s will be donating 10% of its proceeds from today’s sales to help veterans who wish to be on the next Honor Flight.

“Just being able to give back,” Jodi Parker, General Manager at Culver’s, said. “The veterans fought for our freedom here; fought and died in the wars for us so we’re able to have what we do have here, which is a big thing, freedom.”

Some of today’s patrons included veterans and past Honor Flight attendees, who recalled memories and feelings from visiting the memorial with their brothers.

“It was a beautiful experience, something I’ll never forget,” Korean War veteran Peter Shelafoe said. “Just overwhelming, I’ve never felt so honored in my life as I have this time.”

Chic Coron, a veteran of World War II, said, “At Iwo Jima, when we went and were riding around it the driver told us to watch the flag, and as we were driving around the Iwo Jima Monument the flag followed us right around. It was odd; real eerie.”

It’s the second year Culver’s has donated proceeds and over 170 Culver’s restaurants from around the midwest are doing the same.