NMU Public Safety Institute provides advanced police training

Regional Police Training in Action

A lot of time and effort goes into training a police officer, but as times change, so does the regimen, ensuring that their skill level outperforms those of the criminals.

Regional officers are spending some time here in the U.P. honing their craft. They receive advanced police training in several areas, including how to use their car lights and even flash lights to give officers the upper hand in apprehending a suspect.

“It’s a good form of concealment. Officers can stay behind it; it’s a good tactical advantage to have, NMU Public Safety Department Cpl. Guy Laplante said. “They’re emergency warning lights, but daytime or nighttime, they are a great form of concealment and we try and teach them to use them to their advantage.”

“Police officers aren’t trained in how to use a flashlight, you think of it as something simple to use but their are very different ways that you can use a flashlight and use it to the officers advantage,” said Lowell Larson, Trainer, NMU Public Safety Institute.

Low light and mock tactical situations were presented to officers to make sure they’re well versed in protocol. Both procedures allow them to keep suspects and bystanders safe from harm.

“There are modules of brake and steer, evasive steering, backing up in an alleyway, we teach them about using blindspots, mirrors, looking over there shoulder, things like that,” NMU Public Safety Institute trainer Dean Rushford said.

Trainers also concentrate on officers knowledge of their vehicle. Reinforcing what it can do in various road conditions is a key component of the training. Stay tuned to ABC 10 all week as we bring you more on these in-depth training situations.