With Senior Proms across the Copper Country just right around the corner, there are some students who might have to skip the event because they have nothing to wear.
But a local store in Calumet is looking to help.

The New Beginnings Angel Mission store is providing prom dresses and suits for students who can’t afford to buy one. The clothes are free and are donated by members of the community.

Terry Bazin, one of the directors at Angel Mission, said they started giving away prom attire last year and their mission was simple.

“We kind of got into the thought of let’s try to offer the prom dresses, wedding dresses and things like that for the people that actually may not have ever had a chance to go to prom,” she said.

Bazin also talked about a bake sale at the local JC Penny that has a special offer in conjunction with Angel Mission.

“So for every fifty dollars they sell on their bake sale, they are giving us a fifty dollar gift certificate for the girl to come in that day and get their hair done, as long as they’ve gotten a dress from us,” Bazin said.

The Angel Mission is still asking for donations for bags, shoes and necklaces. For more information on how you can donate, call (906) 370-9240.