Marquette area residents raising money for July 4th fireworks

Winter weather may look like it’ll never leave, but some central U.P. residents are busy getting ready for one of the area’s summertime staples.

Marquette’s Fourth of July fireworks display this summer will cost an estimated $30,000. However, the Marquette Area Fourth of July Fireworks Committee is trying to raise $50,000 this year.

“We’re hoping to raise money for this year’s Fourth of July celebration and also to raise money so that next year we have a down payment, because you have to start making your payments very early,” 2014 Fourth of July Fireworks Committee chair Tom Baldini said. “They don’t wait for you to make the payment on the Fourth of July. As a matter of fact, you make your first payment in October.”

The proceeds that aren’t used this year will be held in an escrow account. Baldini says residents they’ve approached so far have been very receptive to the idea of a self–sustaining celebration.

“People have been very, very generous with their contributions,” he said. “They know what it’s for. It’s a known quantity, and so they’re prepared to contribute. As I often say, a dollar here, a dollar there, before long it really begins to add up.”

The fireworks committee held at the Ore Dock Brewing Company in Marquette Wednesday night, and the group is also planning other fundraising events.