Spotting TWITS – “Texting While In Traffic”

According to a California graphic designer, if you text and drive, you might be a TWIT. TWIT stands for “Texting While In Traffic.”

TWIT Spotting is a new project spearheaded by San Francisco graphic designer Brian Singer. The program shames commuters caught texting while in traffic by plastering photos of their behavior on 11 billboards throughout San Francisco as well as being posted on their website.

Marquette Police say they have seen an increase in drivers texting while on the road, locally. As harmless as the intent may be, the danger is just not worth it.

“I don’t think people don’t care,  it’s more or less they have things to do and we all have busy lives, they are trying to take care of things as they are going down the road but being distracted while you are driving…it only takes a second to cause an accident,” said Greg Kinonen, Marquette Police Officer.

While some drivers try and hide the fact that they are texting, officers say they are trained to notice unlawful driving behavior.

“We try to be vigilant about looking for people texting, the law was designed to save lives and we are trying to enforce that so we can help in that endeavor,” continued Kinonen.

Texting and driving is illegal in Michigan.  It carries a fine of $175 for the first offense.

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