Courtesy:  The Michigan State Police

On Friday, Governor Rick Snyder directed the Michigan State Police, Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division (MSP/EMHSD) to provide assistance to Marquette County in using the Michigan Emergency Management Assistance Compact (MEMAC) to find and obtain the equipment and personnel needed to solve its ongoing frozen pipe situation.

“I’m pleased the state can be a helpful partner by working with Marquette County to locate the necessary resources it needs,” Snyder said. “I applaud the county’s efforts and encourage local leaders and emergency personnel to continue their vigilance as conditions evolve and coordinate response measures with MSP EMHSD.”

The MSP/EMHSD will help Marquette County find resources through the MEMAC, which enables the county to request and potentially obtain equipment and personnel from more than 350 communities statewide.

“This has been an extremely brutal and cold winter for our state,” said Capt. Chris A. Kelenske, commander of the MSP/EMHSD.  “Communities in both the Upper and Lower Peninsulas are seeing deeper than normal frost levels and experiencing frozen water lines. We will continue to work with Marquette County emergency management to ensure they receive assistance to respond and recover from this hardship.”

Marquette County declared a “local state of emergency” on Feb. 21, 2014, due to reports of frozen pipes in a number of communities.  A local emergency declaration enables a county or municipality to execute emergency operations plans, administrate local aid and assistance and issue declarations.  On March 4, 2014, Marquette County requested a governor’s declaration to assist with response efforts to thaw frozen water lines.

Marquette County was notified today that although a governor’s declaration was requested, the events that have transpired to date pose no immediate threats to public health and safety, making a state declaration of disaster or emergency not warranted.

In its request to the state, the county specifically asked for equipment (arc welders, utility trucks, pipeline locators, steamers, air compressors and excavators) and personnel commonly found within community public works departments, making MEMAC the proper venue for potentially obtaining these resources.

The MSP/EMHSD is in ongoing dialog with Marquette County emergency management and will continue to monitor this situation and act as conditions warrant.