Spring represents new beginnings, and for some people, that means a new car.

Area car dealers are ushering in the Spring season with the 23rd annual Superior Dome Car Show.

In addition to a slew of sales, interested shoppers can get a credit application and have it approved by a bank at the dome.

“You can leave with a new car,” Garry Tollefson of Public Service Garage said. “If you are coming to shop for a vehicle, bring the title. If you’re trading your car, registration. We can take care of everything right here and you can leave with your new care at the dome sale. That’s what really is neat about this sale.”

Five area dealers are participating in the event, offering a wide selection of new vehicles.

“You can’t ask for better competition between the dealers, and consumers always benefit when that happens,” Tollefson said.

The car show kicked off at 3 p.m. today and runs all weekend long.