Birds of Prey visit Bothwell School

Birds of prey were in the air at Bothwell Middle School today in Marquette. More than 50 5th graders received a first–hand lesson on Raptors and the “Rescue, Rehab and Release” program.

Along with front row viewing of the Birds of Prey, students got the opportunity to touch and feel wings and feathers brought in by the Chocolay Raptor Center staff.

The interactive session showed students how each bird’s feathers are protected and reminded them that if they find a Raptor feather, by law, you have to leave it in the forest.

Educators also noted that Raptors are at the top of the food chain and they keep the mice population in check. When area birds are injured or can no longer live in the wild they are sent to the Chocolay Raptor Center for care. Once healed they are released back into the wild.

If for some reason the injury is too severe and they are unable to care and fend for themselves they are given a permanent home at the center and used as exhibition birds. Unfortunately, if the bird is not reached in time or the wound is too serious, they are euthanized.

If you do find a an injured bird, report it immediately. You can call your local police department or the  Chocolay Raptor Center at (906) 249-3598. You can also make an appointment to visit the birds.

The Raptor Center is a non–profit organization and the staff says they are always in need of donations.