Officer of the Year Award

It’s always an honor to be nominated but one Marquette City Police Sergeant got to actually see what it was like to bring home the trophy.

Our ABC 10, News Now Reporter, Danielle Davis attended the Marquette County Law Enforcement Administration Association monthly meeting today and spoke with Sergeant Munger about his award.

They started the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and ended it with awarding Sergeant Marty Munger the distinguished Marquette County Law Officer of the Year Award.

‘He’s an exemplary officer, he works non–stop, he’s a never say no guy, he is there when you need him, he is very successful with what he does,” said Chief Mike Angeli, Marquette City Police Department.

Along with his dedication and being know as the positive response man, Munger started the departments first ever K–9 program.

‘Very honored and humbled, I’m not looking for any prize or anything, I just do what I do because I enjoy what I do and I want to help the city of Marquette I am here as a service to people and use the dogs to that capacity,” said Sergeant Marty Munger, Marquette City Police Department

“Even with 10 years of military experience under his belt and 20 years on the police force, Sergeant Munger says this award was still very much a surprise, said ABC 10 News Now Reporter, Danielle Davis.

A huge success, the K–9 program has already paid for itself by bringing in thousands of dollars of drug forfeiture money that the department has used to buy much needed equipment.

‘I had the opportunity to work with him for the last 20 years and he exemplifies everything this award represents, his sacrifice and efforts with the Marquette City Police is beyond any I have seen. His motivation and desire to succeed goes beyond anything I have ever seen so that is why I nominated him,” said Blake Rieboldt, Patrol Captain, Marquette City Police.

Munger’s K–9 companion, Frodo received much appreciation as well. Although Frodo seems to prefer to give rather than receive.
For ABC 10 and CW 5 News Now, I’m Danielle Davis.