High school students teach technology to Copper Country residents

From iPads to Skype, Copper Country residents had the opportunity to learn about the newest forms of technology as a part of Digital Learning Day Tuesday at Jeffers High School.  Members of the Business and Technology Club held informational sessions for those interested in programs like Microsoft Excel.

Wynter Lindgren said the popularity of the event has been overwhelming.

“I just like noticing how many people come around from all of the communities. I personally thought that it would just be from Houghton County. But we’ve had people come from Calumet and all other places so it’s great to know that people are willing to come here and take this opportunity,” she said.

Although this event does count towards community service for the students, they enjoy being a part of it.

“To be able to show people that technology isn’t scary and it’s actually really fun once you know little tricks and tips. It’s actually quite fun to learn new things about technology,” Business and Technology Club member Kayla Solmonson said.

And the students understand the importance of showing people how to use the new forms of technology that have become a big part of today’s society.

“They are great ways to keep in contact with your family members or even if you want to put it in a professional sense or use it in your everyday life,” Lindgren said.

But the most critical part of these sessions is the feedback the students get from members of the community.

“That’s why we asked them to tell us what they thought about these types of sessions and what they felt they have learned or if there’s anything else they would like to learn. That’s why we added Skype and Facebook. That was a big thing from people last year. They want to be able to communicate with others,” Lindgren said.

Thanks to the help of students, next time any of these people run into an issue with their device, they’ll know exactly what to do.