Marquette County artists were celebrated at the Marquette Arts and Culture Center Thursday night.

At its First Thursday event, the MACC showcased two new exhibits and performances by emerging artists.

The emerging artists were teenagers that performed solos and dances to highlight their talents.  Before the artists performed, guests could also view works of art in the Main and SmallWorks Galleries.

Artist Carolyn Snyder’s exhibit entitled ‘Visually Speaking, Three Points of View’, highlights oil paintings featuring self portraits, nature, and electron micrographs.

“(The electron micrographs) actually represents a very small portion of a cell or the cell itself with the different structures within the cell,” she said.

“Some of them are just delightful, graphic images that it’s fun to give them texture and to bring them to life with whatever colors I decide to plug into them.  It’s a total escape from the reality of looking inward [self portraits] or appreciating the beauty of nature.”

The second exhibit features fiber arts by Christy Binoniemi.

Both of exhibits will be on display in the MACC for the month of March.  For other events at the MACC, click here.