Cliffs donates $250,000 to NMU Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Ensuring families in the region have access to exceptional healthcare is one of the commitments Cliffs Natural Resources made to the community, and they’re living up to that pledge. $250,000, the largest gift Cliffs has given to NMU, has been donated to the Clinical Laboratory Sciences Program. The funding will bolster NMU’s molecular diagnostics medicine program, the fastest-growing and most rapidly changing area in the clinical laboratory. NMU is one of just eight universities nationwide that offers an accredited program in diagnostic molecular science.

“For layman’s purposes, molecular diagnostics is personalized medicine.  Its’ using the genetic signature of a person’s disease or infection to determine the best targeted treatment for them. We will be able to purchase some state-of-the-art equipment, infuse molecular testing, across our curriculum, offer creative workshops, hands-on workshops to high school educators,” said Cathy Bammert, Clinical Lab Sciences, NMU.

The money will be disbursed over five years and will include $50,000 for scholarships, internships, workshops and outreach to middle and high school students.

“Genetics just fascinates me, that we are all so different, understand what CLS is and know that there is a degree out there. When I was in high school I didn’t know it was even a major but I knew I wanted to do something like it so for these students in high school, knowing what they can be doing, getting a job and a four year degree that makes good money, I think it would be awesome,” said Patricia Rempala, Freshman, Clinical Lab Studies, NMU.

There is a need for more qualified lab technicians. NMU offers a career-laddering curriculum where students can start out with a one-year certificate program.

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