Committee meets to discuss senior services

A coalition of professionals in the City of Marquette gathered today to discuss programs and services for seniors.

The Aging Services Advisory Committee is a group that focuses their efforts on the improvement of services for those who are aging, including everything from personal care to grant options available for senior programs. Today’s meeting agenda focused on evaluating the what is available for seniors in the area.

“We’re working on an ongoing issue of services that are needed, services that aren’t being met, services that are already existing in the city as well as the county of Marquette,” said Committee Chairman Stan Bingham.

The committee discussed corresponding with senior service providers to find out what services are available and what others that there may be a need for in the community. The public is encouraged to attend committee meetings.

“I would really like the community to know that there is a group of professionals who really care about what’s going on in this community with the seniors, and this is an open forum,” Bingham added. “We’re always open to the public coming in and giving us their opinion.”

For more information about the Aging Services Advisory Committee, visit the City of Marquette’s website.