Local bakery is the toast of the town

A famous bakery in the U.P. has become the toast of the town thanks to its cinnamon and sugar flavored delights.

Since its establishment in the 1930’s, the Trenary Home Bakery has become a fixture of unique Upper Peninsula cuisine thanks to the variety of delicious breads and baked goods produced there. The bakery’s signature product, aptly named Trenary Toast, is a sweet toast with widespread popularity and acclaim.

“For the Trenary Toast, we make a sweet bread and we bake it, and then we cool it off, we slice it, and then we coat it with a special coating and our secret ingredient, and then we bake it again,” said Trenary Toast, Inc. Owner Maureen Webber. “What we’re doing is double–baking it. We’re pulling all of the moisture out of the bread, and that’s what gives it that special crunch.”

In addition to distribution across the U.P., Trenary Toast can be found in stores in all 50 states. This spring, Trenary Toast will be featured in the Vermont Country Store Catalog for the first time. The bakery itself has become a tourist destination as well.

“This last summer, we had a lady come in from Oregon wanting to see where Trenary Toast was made because it was on her bucket list,” Webber added,”and then we have orders that still amaze me. A lady in Maryland called and ordered toast for her cousin in Texas.”

Visitors to Trenary can enjoy the bakery’s goods, as well as sandwiches and ice cream, in the cafe next door. For more information on the Trenary Home Bakery, visit their website.