Four bands rock it out at NMU

U.P. music lovers were rockin’ Thursday night.

Four rock bands from across the country converged at Northern Michigan University for a one-night only show.

Music lovers poured in to hear a bit of punk rock, indie rock, and a Marquette band.  Various rock genres with a twist were selected to make sure the evening presented just enough variety for everyone to enjoy.

The bands werew from Chicago, South Bend, San Francisco, and Upper Peninsula.  The Marquette Band Two Holes of Man opened the show, followed by Victory and Associates.  Nonagon and Rutabega were the headliners.

“They are awesome bands, they are loud, they play rock and roll, they kill it, just really good musicians,” First Aid Productions manager Corey Susturich said.  “I’m excited to see Nonagon.  They are heavy rock, their new album is really good, the last Hydranont.”

“I’m here to see my main man Christopher Bloom rock out on the drums,” NMU senior Jacob Roemer said.  “He just puts himself into the music, he feels it.  He’s not just playing he’s feeling the music, like one with the music.”

Fans could also purchase T-shirts and CD’s after the show.