Pump Up the Dome
Pump Up the Dome

If you’re looking for a fun indoor activity for the kids this weekend, Pump Up the Dome may be the perfect option.

Pump Up the Dome has over 40 activities for kids, all located inside the Superior Dome at NMU. Most of the activities are inflatables, including bungee jumping and obstacle courses.

“What it is basically is a fun day,” NMU Associate Director of Athletics Carl Bammert said. “Lots of inflatables here to go down, slides, bounce houses, obstacle courses. It’s geared as a fun day for the kids in the Marquette County area.

“Any other type of event that has rides, most of the times younger children can’t ride them or they’re too small,” Dale Veraghen with ACA Jumps said. “Where here, they can pretty much have a lot of fun and just enjoy themselves.

Abracadabra Jumps from Escanaba has partnered with NMU for four years now to help run the event. Some of the proceeds from the event fund NMU athletics.

Pump Up the Dome is from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday. Wristbands are $12 for kids five and older, $7 for kids under five, and parents are $1.