Mad dash to finish snow statues at MTU’s all-nighter

mtu all nighterIt’s the night where nobody sleeps:  Winter Carnival’s All–Nighter at Michigan Tech.

Everyone is hard at work making the last minute touches on their snow statues. The all-nighter lasts until  8 a.m. Thursday, so time is precious.

People from all over the Copper Country come to the campus to see the snow statues and many are just amazed at the work these groups do.  Even with temperatures hovering around zero, people did their best to stay warm.

Kevin Kyle of Tau Kappa Epsilon said the all-nighter his favorite time of the year.

“My favorite part of the all–nighter is at about 3 or 4 a.m. and we’re all out here and the energy is still high and there’s no one walking on the sidewalks anymore,” Kyle said.

The night is also very special for those attempting the challenge of the all–nighter snow statues which began early Wednesday and commence Thursday morning.

Concessions were available to the attendees as well as music from a speaker–filled snow stage…all leading up to the statue judging Thursday, when students–and spectators–will know who’s hard work paid off.