Villa Capri owner reassures restaurant not closing

villa capriThere’s been a number of recent restaurants and businesses closings in Marquette County, but one owner wants his customers to know he’s not going out of business.

Villa Capri owner Mike Barbiere has been absent from his business due to a foot injury he suffered in a car accident.

His absence led to rumors that the restaurant is closing, but that’s not the case.

“Now I understand maybe how a rumor got started,” Todd Noordyk, friend of Mike Barbiere said.  “A heritage restaurant up the road closed—Bonanza closed.  Mitch just announced one day he was going to close.  He’s been in there thirty some years, so I guess the idea is if Mitch is going to close, Mike is going to close.  But no way, that would be a serious set back.”

“Even though there’s been several closings over the years and a couple recent closings that we didn’t really understand, the Villa isn’t part of that program.  They’re going to go on for another 47 years.  They’ve been here 47, and they’d like to do another 47 (years of business), and that’s making us all pretty happy.”

Noordyk said Mike came to work a few days last week and is working on a speedy recovery to come back to the restaurant full time.