Kaufman Follies auditions this weekend

The people who run Marquette’s Kaufman Auditorium want to hear from anyone in the area who’d like to get on stage and perform. The best part? Talent is optional!

The Kaufman Follies will take place on Wednesday, February 26th. Auditions for the show are this weekend. The money from ticket sales will pay for a new sound system in the theater, capital improvements and theater programs.

“We’ve got a new community theater group, the Kaufman Players,” Kaufman Auditorium director Sara Cambensy said. “We’re looking to put a little money aside so that they can actually get on stage and perform and do what they love to do.”

Unlike most events that Kaufman Auditorium hosts, the Kaufman Follies won’t be scripted.
The performance will be a throwback of sorts to the days of vaudeville entertainment a century or so ago.

“This is everyone in our community kind of coming together, getting on stage, giving it a go,” Cambensy said. “If they have talent, great! If they don’t and they want to be part of it, we will certainly put them in acts. And probably, the least rehearsed, the better!”

Open auditions are taking place in the auditorium on Sunday from 4 p.m. until 7. Tickets aren’t on sale yet but will likely go on sale in the next week or so.