Gov. Snyder extends propane energy emergency


From  Governor Rick Snyder’s Office:

Gov. Rick Snyder issued Executive Order 2014-3, lengthening Michigan’s energy emergency as a result of continued heating oil and propane shortages across the Midwest.

Record low temperatures, heavy snowfall and poor driving conditions, combined with pipeline issues and other factors have all contributed to Michigan’s propane shortage.  The state is working to alleviate supply problems while continually monitoring the situation, and Snyder this week directed state agencies to reach out to consumers affected by the shortage.

“The propane shortage affecting the Midwest continues to impact residents in our state, particularly in the Upper Peninsula and northern Michigan,” Snyder said.  “This executive order extending the hours-of-service exemption for individuals transporting the fuel will better allow them to connect with customers.”

This executive order amends Executive Order 2014-1, declaring the initial state of emergency in January.   Originally set to expire at midnight Friday, the energy emergency will now extend through Tuesday, February 11.

Motor carriers and drivers carrying propane on Michigan highways will continue to be exempt from state and federal hours-of-service regulations in order to guarantee the most efficient delivery of resources.  As a result of the extended waiver, drivers may continue to exceed the number of consecutive days and total hours in which they can operate a commercial motor vehicle.

Transport vehicles and employees currently subject to an out-of-service order, in which operations are prohibited, are not eligible for the exemption and suspension until the out-of-service order expires or the conditions for rescission have been satisfied.  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Michigan State Police require that drivers for motor carriers operating under the Declaration of Energy Emergency must have a copy of the declaration in their possession.