Learning the history of U.P. hunting camps

hunting campsKaufman Auditorium in Marquette was full of people Thursday night learning the history of hunting camps in the Upper Peninsula.

The program “From Deer Camps to Grand Camps” was presented by the Marquette Regional History Center.

Jack Deo showed pictures of the camps from his collection of historic photographs, showing the transformation from deer camps to grand camps to lodges.  Deo also explained the people who owned and visited the camps, and their connections to Marquette and the U.P.

“It’s a story that speaks to most everyone in our region, and Jack Deo has an amazing collection, and we wanted to put it on the big screen and have him tell his stories and see photographs and tell stories of historic camps and modern day camps,” Marquette Regional History Center Assistant Director Cris Osier said.  “And really, not a lot has changed on some of them.”

“With history we like to try and relate it to everyone.  Everyone has a past, everyone can think back and experience maybe a memory they had from childhood hunting with a grandparent or even a parent.  These kinds of programs are just fun and story exchanging.

The program also had a live auction, and all proceeds from the event go to the MRHC for its operating expenses.

For more information on other history center events, the Marquette Regional History Center’s website.