Counterfeit money passed at Hancock gas station

Police in Hancock are investigating a potential counterfeit money scam.

Police say two men entered a Holiday Station in Hancock shortly before 8 a.m. on Sunday and attempted to use two $20 bills for purchases. The first man bought something small and requested change. He asked if the cashier would make change for his second $20, but she refused. The second man then entered the store and bought about $15 worth of goods with the other $20 bill.

Both of the $20 bills were later found to be counterfeit.

Police say that the two suspects are African-American, and one is significantly taller than the other. They claimed to be snowmobilers from out of town, but no snowmobiles were present when they pulled up to the pump.

A $50 counterfeit bill may have been used at a gas station in Munising the day before.

Police are still investigating the incidents to see if there may be a connection.

If you have any information about either incident, call the Hancock Police at 482-3102.