Committee looking for new ways to fund fireworks

Changes could be coming to the way funds are raised for 4th of July fireworks in Marquette.

In a presentation from the Fourth of July Fireworks Committee, Chairman Tom Baldini said the committee wants to work with the Marquette Board of Light and Power by giving residents an option to donate money for the fireworks on their electric bill.

Members of the commission liked the idea, and said they would support it.

“(Donations) can be a method for the Board of Light and Power– a municipal utility created by the people of this city–to participate in sustaining this important activity for all of the residents of the are,” Baldini said.

“I think you’ve put out a vehicle that makes a lot of sense, as far as who are the people that benefit from this, and who can help us get there,” Commissioner Sara Cambensy said.  “I certainly would be willing to look at it if, certainly, if our city attorney and fellow commissioners feel it’s the right way to go.”

“The model of getting the BLP to work with us on this project is just terrific,” Commissioner Fred Stonehouse said.  “It certainly has my full support, and I truly hope the BLP will look on this in a real positive fashion, and move forward with a request for this body to approve it.”

The commission also decided to hold off voting on considering to partner landfill and recycling programs with other municipalities, businesses, and the Marquette County Solid Waste Management Authority.

The MCSWA wants to establish a recycling collection facility on vacant city property used by the Department of Public Works.

The commission will further discuss the issue at its next meeting.