Dog mistaken for coyote shot and killed

A 62–year–old Ishpeming man was arrested Thursday after allegedly shooting a dog in Ishpeming Sunday evening.

The Ishpeming Police Department says the incident happened on Cliffs Drive, near the access road to Suicide Hill.

A woman reported to police that she was walking her dog when it was shot by the suspect.

Police say the Weimaraner was not on a leash, and was about ten yards in front of the owner.  The dog was wearing a yellow vest and orange collar.

The suspect told police he mistook the dog for a coyote and that he did not see the yellow vest in the low light conditions.

The man is charged with weapons firearms careless discharge/property damage over $50, a misdemeanor charge with a penalty of one year in jail or $500 fine.

He is scheduled to appear in court for arraignment on January 21.

Police say there is an ordinance that prohibits the discharge of firearms or shooting a bow and arrow within the Ishpeming city limits.