Board of Ed. talks upgrades to Ishpeming schools

The Ishpeming Board of Education discussed possible upgrades to the district’s schools at a special meeting Monday night.

The upgrades would take place at Birchview Elementary and at the Ishpeming High and Middle School.  The renovations include energy upgrades and space improvements.

“(At) The Ishpeming High School and Ishpeming Middle School we’re primarily looking at energy upgrades, replacing our windows, and a few other minor things, and then a possible addition of space,” Ishpeming Board of Education Business Manager Anthony Bertucci said.  “At the Birchview Elementary School we’re looking at replacing a lot of the lighting that’s original to the building and then also adding some additional classroom and/or computer lab space.”

Right now the plans are only in the preliminary stages, but Bertucci said he likes the proposed plans that were brought to the Board of Education.

“We’ve (the board) looked at what we really need in the district and have tried to accommodate all of those different pieces,” he said.  “From energy efficiency or classroom utilization…things like that that make the district better without adding unnecessary expenses for the voters.”

The earliest any construction can be done is in the Fall of 2014.