Shoppers hit stores for after Christmas sales

The day after Christmas is a busy day for retailers as shoppers head into stores to return gifts, spend gift cards, or make new purchases.

The Westwood Mall in Marquette Township was not very busy this morning, but as the day continued more and more shoppers hit the stores.

Many stores have huge sales after Christmas to lure in shoppers who may have received gift cards or money as gifts.

“A lot of people so far this morning have gotten computers or tablets or the PlayStation 4, Xbox….cool gifts that now they want to come in an get accessories for.  We’ve seen a lot of that traffic this morning already,” Best Buy Manager Krystal Riggs said.  “It’s a little bit of everything, a few exchanges in there too—people wanting to exchange from one color to another.  So it’s a little bit of everything for the whole week after Christmas.”

Riggs said a lot of holiday shoppers bought online, then came into the store before Christmas to do last–minute shopping.

“The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy with the holiday last minute stocking stuffers, gift ideas, things like that.  And now it’s just everyone coming back to get those accessories, or spend the gift card they got for Christmas.  I’m assuming it’s going to go straight through the new year.”

Many stores have extended holiday hours and special sales until the new year.