School changes cell phone policy

One Copper Country high school recently made changes to its cell phone policy to allow phones during lunchtime.

Houghton High School and Middle School students now have the opportunity to use wireless devices.  The school implemented the new policy after reviewing student use of cell phones and wireless devices.

This year they decided to allow students to use their cell phones during lunchtime.

“I think we just decided that our students are no different than we are,” Houghton School District Superintendent Doreen Klingbeil said.  “We use our devices to organize our personal lives and also to organize our learning and our academics, and we want students to be able to do that as well.”

The new cell phone policy has been in use for a few months.  And, not all students are glued to their wireless devices during lunch.

“Many of our students have devices, and they are using them in the lunchroom,” Klingbeil said.  “We thought everyone would be using them, but that’s not true.   We do have students that are using them, and we have students that are sitting with their friends and socializing without devices, so it’s mixed up during the lunchtime.”

The policy could lead to other changes in the future, but right now the school likes what is in place.