Rep. Kivela hosts re-election kick-off party

State Representative John Kivela was in Marquette to kick-off his re-election campaign with a party Wednesday night.

He held the kick-off party to talk to people about issues, and start his year-long re-election campaign.  Kivela said the party was, more than anything, a way to say thank you for helping him in the past few years.

“So many of the people in this room are responsible for me being in the position I am right now,” he said.  “Their tireless work and support, both financially, knocking on doors, making phone calls made is possible for me to represent them, so (I’m) very humbled that they took the time to stop by in their busy holiday season.”

Kivela also said even though it is early for a re-election kick-off, he still wants to the public to know he has been working on issues that are important to residents in his district.

“I appreciate the trust they put in me,” he said.  “When I ran the first time, I said I’d work on a number of issues–vocational education, micropolitan district…I said I’d work across the aisle to get things done, and I’ve done all of those things.”

“We had bills passed recently in the last week creating this micropolitan district, I’ve supported the vocational education bills, and I have worked across the aisle to help bring money back to this district and to bring help back, and I look forward to continuing that.”

Kivela encourages any resident to contact him with any questions or concerns.  He will have another re-election event sometime in the spring.