Board approves Marquette County budget

The 2014 budget for Marquette County was approved at the Board of Commissioners meeting Tuesday night.

Budgets approved were the general fund budget, capital improvements budget, and other county budgets.

Only one objection was made to the budget.

The objection would keep the amount of the budget the same but would change the way the funds are allocated.

“Seeing if we can use some of the funds that go toward economic development, all of it goes for Lake Superior Community Partnership but to focus some of that specifically for projects at KI Sawyer,” Commissioner Greg Seppanen said.

“The American–U.S. Air merger is going to be able to solidify American Eagle flights here in Marquette County for the next five years which is critical to economic development,” Amy Clickner from the LSCP said.  “It will then open the doors for additional opportunities and growth in both the maintenance facility and flight schedules as they become the largest carrier in the world.”

Other agenda items included appointing Ray Roberts to the Marquette County Road Commission.