Parternship created to study traffic bypass

A bypass near the Marquette Board of Light and Power may be coming to the north side of Marquette.

The Marquette County Road Commission, City of Marquette, Marquette Township, and the Eagle Mine created a public-private partnership to study the viability of a bypass in north Marquette.

The decision comes after the Marquette City Commission decided to delay a proposed truck ordinance.

A kickoff meeting for the partnership was held November 5.  A steering committee was formed, responsibilities were created, and a working group was elected.    A scoping study is first on the partnership’s agenda to understand the design, permits and construction of the bypass.  The scoping study is tentatively scheduled to be completed in February 2014.

Eagle Mine will fund the scoping study.

The partnership wants to find long and short term transportation solutions that will meet the needs of not only the community, but also trucking interests.

Eagle Mine will also contribute up to $500,000 towards a regional traffic study.  A traffic study was voted on by the Marquette County Road Commission on November 5.

Community meetings will be held in 2014 to discuss the scoping study and give the public an opportunity to get involved.

For more information contact:

The Marquette County Road Commission

(906) 486-4491

City of Marquette

(906) 228-0435

Marquette Township

(906) 228-6220

Eagle Mine

(906) 339-7120