Young people’s choir visits Westwood

The Young American Show Choir from California has made the journey to the Upper Peninsula to engage Westwood High School students in numerous musical activities.

A workshop at the high school gave students an insight into the world of music making.

Students engaged in several routines that utilized their singing, dancing and acting abilities, which will be used in a performance Tuesday evening.

“It’s something that we want all kids around the world to experience and we encourage everyone from the community to come out and support the kids and continue to support the music programs in the schools,” says Bruce Sampson, associate director of the Young Americans.

Members of the Young Americans are thrilled to have the opportunity to travel around the country to teach and perform their passion, as well as share valuable life lessons to others.

“As a town kid, like a workshop participant, I remember not having a lot of self esteem as a teenager in high school especially in today’s world,” says Young Americans cast member Angelo Santini. “There is a lot of bullying and things that go on. They gave me a place where I fit in and feel like I belong. I found a lot of great feelings inside myself and I really wanted to join and make sure I could give that back to other kids.”

The Young American show choir will be holding a concert on Tuesday as well, which will be followed by the collaborative performance from the Young Americans and Westwood students.