Walk to help end Alzheimer’s

It was a picture perfect day Saturday for a walk, and a large crowd hit the pavement for the Marquette County Walk to End Alzheimer’s.

The event is held to raise awareness and money for Alzheimer’s care, support, and research.  Alzheimer’s Disease is now the nation’s sixth–leading cause of death.

“It’s really important that people understand that we’re out here,” Regional Director of the U.P. Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association Ruth Almen said.  “The Alzheimer’s Association is trying more than ever ways to meet people’s needs, programs, and services.”

“More than ever we’re trying to find better ways to provide programs for people with Alzheimer’s Disease, or gather at the gallery program, our LiveWise program for people with early stage Alzheimer’s, our caregivers, because we want folks again to feel like they’re still part of the community.  And we want to encourage the community to figure out more than ever how more than ever we can continue to support and communicate with folks with Alzheimer’s and their families.”

The Alzheimer’s Association provides outreach services for Alzheimer’s patients, family members, and caregivers.

You can find out more at alz.org.