Domestic Violence Awareness Month cross dedication

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and a cross dedication was held in Iron Mountain this morning to commemorate the lives lost domestic violence.

The event was held at First Covenant Church, and local dignitaries gathered around the crosses just outside of the church to say a prayer for the victims.

Police officers, attorneys and judges also attended to show support to end domestic violence.

“The reason we are doing this to get the message across that, really, lives are lost each and every day here in our country due to domestic violence,” Caring House executive director Cheryl O’Neil said. Caring House is Dickinson County’s domestic violence shelter. “It’s unfortunate that children have to go to bed afraid of whet might be happening in their homes.”

October may be set aside to bring awareness to domestic violence, but it’s a year-round issue. Officials say that it’s not only important to be aware of domestic violence in your community, but to be aware of what do when you or a loved one is in a domestic dispute.

“The first step is to remove yourself from that situation and reach out for help,” Dickinson County Sheriff Scott Celello said. “You may not know exactly who to call at first. In the Dickinson County area, we have the Caring House, but you may not know whom to call right away. Discuss it with a trusted friend or somebody else that can get you into contact with the Caring House.”

For more information about Caring House and its Domestic Violence Awareness Month activities, you can visit its blog.