RSVP dinner honors volunteers

With budget cutbacks in many organizations and non-profit agencies, there is a major need for volunteers to help.

Seventy organizations, 300 volunteers, and more than 41,000 hours of volunteer service hours–the “Retired Senior Volunteer Program” (RSVP) has a lot to be proud of.

A 1950’s themed ‘Thank You’ dinner was held Thursday night to show appreciation to the thousand of hours RSVP volunteers put in to make the lives of others more convenient.

The program director said they are so successful because of the heart and spirit of its volunteers.

“They have more energy than most of the people I know,” RSVP Director Amy Mattson said.  “They’re out and about almost every day, they’re doing things and helping people.”

“Almost everyone in this program is the kind of person that if you call them and tell them you need something, they say ‘Sure, when and where?'”

The RSVP volunteers are 55 and older.  The volunteers were treated to dinner, awards, entertainment, and plenty of door prizes.

RSVP volunteer Lorraine Palmer said it feels good to be able to give back and stay active.

“It’s wonderful to know that you’re doing something for humanity,” Palmer said.  “And one of the things I’ve told people about Marquette County people, generally speaking, is that they’re a very innovative group.  Wherever you go in Marquette County there’s someone doing something helpful to other people.  And I feel very happy to be able to physically and mentally able to do it.”

Six volunteers were presented with Lifetime Presidents Awards for giving more than 4,000 hours of service.  Four volunteers also received awards who have contributed twenty years of service with RSVP.