‘Superior Broadway’ closes out summer theater season

The middle of August means summer is winding down, and that also means the Lake Superior Theatre season is coming to an end.

For its final production of the season, the theatre is putting on something a little different:  a production called Superior Broadway that celebrates songs and scenes that audiences have enjoyed over the past 15 years.

“Everyone is taking turns (in the ten person production),” Superior Broadway Director Denise Clark said.  “And it’s the end of the season.  Some of the people here, it’s their fourth show.  I didn’t want to make it stressful, so we just come in here, we laugh and enjoy each other, and we have a fantastic time.  I’m really proud of them, they’ve done a wonderful job.”

Clark, who also directed Beacon on the Rock earlier this summer, said this theater season has been one of the best ones the LST has seen.

“I think that this year’s theater season too the Lake Superior Theatre up a couple of notches,” Clark said.  “With the performance values, everyone wanted to pay attention to performance values.  We wanted Pete and Peggy’s (Frazier) boat house to really reflect the dedication that we as actors and directors feel in this area.  We really want to stay here; we want people to keep coming.

Superior Broadway runs through Friday, August 16 and all shows start at 7:30 p.m.

For more information you can visit the Lake Superior Theatre’s website.