Negaunee City Band plays patriotic tunes

In honor of Independence Day, the Negaunee City Band put on a patriotic concert Wednesday night.

The band played songs such as ” The Star–Spangled Banner” and “Yankee Doodle Boy” for a large crowd at the band shell in downtown Negaunee.

Band President Gerry Anderson has been with the band for over 50 years, and said it’s important to keep band music alive, especially by having young and old members playing in the band.

“As we look at band music, and the history of band music, it’s important to keep it going,” Anderson said.  “And by inviting the young people in it keeps their interest and keeps the audiences interested.  It’s a joy to play band music, and it’s important for the audience to keep coming and keep band music alive.”

The band has been around since 1866, and has plenty of support from the city and its residents.

“There’s a long standing tradition in Negaunee.  The people support music in particular,” Anderson said.  “The City of Negaunee is very supportive of the city band, and they know it’s because of our reputation.”

“People enjoy listening to us, they like watching us, and I think the city sees that, and they realize it’s very important to the community.”

The Negaunee City Band has concerts every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. during the summer, and plays in various parades throughout Marquette County.  For a full schedule, you can visit the band’s website at