Opening day of FinnFest

After three years of preparation, the day everyone who bleeds blue and white have been waiting for is here.

FinnFest officially began Wednesday in the Copper Country.

More than 100 vendors have come from all over the United States and Finland to take part.

“You see Finns from all over the country who want to stay true to their roots and heritage and a lot of them, like us, are more Finnish than American some times; whether we’re in the sauna or drinking coffee late in the evening—and just doing stuff that makes us Finn,” Todd Rengo said.  Rengo traveled from Minnesota and set up his booth, Nordic Connection.

Besides terrific shopping, the tori offers great food and music, and it is the perfect place to enjoy a little dancing.  The atmosphere of the tori makes it an essential part of FinnFest.

“People are shopping, people are eating, people are listening to music and dancing and there’s just the atmosphere of people dancing and shopping and having a good time,” Tori Chair Alana Nolan said.

FinnFest runs through June 23.