Turkeys hanging out near DNR office

If someone drives by the Department of Natural Resources on U.S. 41 in Harvey, they may see something unexpected.

Two turkeys have been patrolling the grounds of the DNR office for last few months looking for food.  They have become the unofficial mascots for the office.

“Those couple guys have been hanging around all spring,” DNR Forest Specialist Bob Heyd said.  “They just seem to like this area, I’m not sure even where they’re feeding.”

“They’ve been here pretty constantly out standing in front of the road. People drive by looking, saying look there’s turkeys right in front of the DNR.  They are pretty spectacular birds, they’ve got nice long beards, and very nice display, nice sized animals.”

Since the office so close to the highway, the DNR is happy to say they have not yet had to answer the question, “Why did the turkeys cross the road?”

“So far they’ve been pretty smart turkeys. They’ve stayed away from the road and just kind of wander around the area,” Heyd said.

This is not the first time wildlife has taken an interest at the DNR office.  There is an occasional deer or raccoon that shows up there.