‘Blitz Build’: Building one house in a day

Members of the Upper Peninsula Home Builders Association worked together to build two houses for Habitat for Humanity on Saturday in West Ishpeming.

The group was building the first house of the summer for Habitat for Humanity.

Saturday’s project was called a Blitz Build because the houses will be built in one day.

“In one day’s time we’ll have this house pretty well roughed in,” Dr. Carol Hicks said, who is a board member for both the UPHBA and Habitat for Humanity. “(The house) won’t be done done, but it’ll look like a house. It’s punch start for Habitat to get their first house of the season out of the ground.”

Dr. Hicks said that all people helping build houses like these show how giving the community can be.

“You ask people to give their Saturdays, their days, and they’re all professional builders. They could be out earning money doing this, and so it’s a giving community we live in,” he said. “We’re all trying to help one another and trying to help the families that are in need of housing and and this is what it’s all about.

Since 1993, Habitat for Humanity has built 90 homes in Marquette County, and the UPHBA has helped out on 12.

Dr. Hicks said they hope to have both houses done by mid–July.