Preps continue for DWTS Mqt. Co. Style

The countdown is on for Dancing with the Stars Marquette County Style, a fundraiser to benefit the Upper Peninsula Hospice Foundation.

Mike and Kay Angeli are one of the eight couples participating.  They have been practicing the bachata, a Latin-style ballroom dance from the Dominican Republic.

“It’s not a difficult dance to learn, it’s difficult for me at least for the choreography,” Mike Angeli said.  “I’m not used to dancing in a certain manner or certain steps and things like that.  So that was harder for me, but that’s gotten easier as we’ve practiced.”

Even though the pair has little dance experience, their dancing pro, Alexandrea Holley, is used to working with people that have little to none dancing experience.

“I can definitely see different backgrounds where sports and coordination come through and if they maybe have ballet experience or something I can tell with that,” Holley said.  “Another thing that really counts in this type of performance is stage presence and whether or not they’re going to be comfortable in front of a crowd.”

“(Alexandrea) has been very, very good…teaching us a lot more than we could expect to know,” Angeli said.

Dancing with the Stars Marquette County Style will take place on May 23 at the Forest Roberts Theatre.   You can vote the Fan Favorite dancing couple by going to