Econ club talks about impact of Michigan’s casinos

The Upper Peninsula has ten tribal casinos, and they all give some of their revenues back to the U.P.’s governments and schools.

Members of the Economic Club of Marquette County heard a presentation about gaming in Michigan at their last meeting of the year Monday night.

Richard Kalm, Executive Director of the Michigan Gaming Control Board, spoke to the club about the impact gaming revenue has on Michigan’s economy.

Tribal casinos give back two percent of their slot wins to state and local governments.  Kalm said that casinos and gaming help create jobs.  Gaming makes an economic impact on the ancillary jobs that surround casinos.

There are some people see gaming in a negative light.  But, there are some ways to help keep gaming under control and make it appear more positive.  Safeguards are in place to make sure gaming is not being abused.  There are strict laws that restrict gaming and make sure it is done properly.

Kalm added that there is a large amount of money surrounding gaming and casinos, including revenue.  He said the Gaming Control Board takes regulation and oversight of Michigan’s casinos seriously.

Kalm also discussed  information about horse race gambling, and the increase of “Vegas Night” style parties. “Vegas Night” parties have become popular recently, but Kalm said there needs to rules set in place to make sure they are regulated.