Plans discussed about shoreline in Marquette

The public gathered at the Citizens Forum at Lakeview Arena to hear plans for re-designing a portion of the Lake Superior shore in Marquette Wednesday night.  It was put on by the Superior Watershed Partnership and the City of Marquette.

The portion of shore line is about a half mile long between Holly and Wright Streets.

There were five plans that were presented to the public.  Carl Lindquist, Executive Director of the Superior Watershed Partnership said there are two plans that the group likes.  One plan reuses the existing stone on the shoreline, back filling and creating a green space.  Trails could be built there, and the plan also means possibly moving Lakeshore Boulevard farther away from the shore.

The second plan would create small pocket beaches, creating natural restored beaches in the area.

The city will use public input to help choose a design.  It is in the beginning stages of the planning process, and the cost of the project is unknown at this time.

The project is made possible due to two grants, and Dennis Stachewicz, Director of Planning and Community Development for the City of Marquette said the grant funding puts a deadline for moving the project along.

Phase I is wrapping up this spring, and Phase II will start soon.  There will be a year from April 1 to work the community to come up with designs for the design chosen.

Currently, stone obscures the view of Lake Superior from Lakeshore Boulevard, and the re-design project would allow people to enjoy the waterfront and bring the shore back to its natural habitat.