Snyder signs first bills of year

Gov. Rick Snyder recently signed the first bills of the 2013-14 legislative session.

“I am pleased to see the Legislature moving forward in the 2013-14 session,” Snyder said.  “We have a lot of important issues to tackle this session, and I look forward to a productive relationship.”

House Bill 4153, sponsored by state Rep. Mike Shirkey, pushes back the date by which prepayment sales tax credits on diesel fuel may be claimed from January to April.  The change is needed because the law allowing prepayment, Public Act 509 of 2012, was not given immediate effect when passed last year and instead goes into effect March 28.  The bill now is PA 1 of 2013.

Senate Bill 44, sponsored by state Sen. Rick Jones, requires that individuals convicted of certain offenses involving minors register on the public sex offenders list.  These offenses include possessing child pornography, indecent exposure with fondling and peeping.  The bill now is PA 2.

SB 60, sponsored by state Sen. Mike Green, clarifies the definition of “federally licensed firearms dealer” in a statute exempting these individuals from requirements for a license to purchase, carry or use a pistol.  The dealers now are defined as those holding a type 01 dealer license under federal law.  The bill now is PA 3.