Marquette CARES about recycling

A new volunteer group is trying to boost awareness of the need for recycling and composting in the Marquette area.

It’s called Marquette CARES, which stands for Communities Amending Recycling Efforts.

The group says only about 20% of Marquette County residents recycle.

It’s working with the county, and the city of Marquette, to improve that.

When many of us think of recycling, things like paper, metal, glass plastics come to mind.

But that only makes up about 30 percent of the waste that a household generates.

Heidi Gould of Marquette CARES says 60% of household waste can be composted, and the group is devoting much of its attention to call attention to that.

She says the Marquette Department of Public Works recently placed a composting container outside its offices on West Baraga Avenue.

If you want to learn more about Marquette CARES, you can find it on Facebook or e–mail them at

The city of Marquette also has recycling information available here, and the Marquette County Solid Waste Management Authority also has information online about its composting program.