‘Start the Cycle’ helps at-risk youths

Many programs have come and gone that attempt to help at-risk youth.  A different approach to that same issue is underway in the Marquette area.

‘Start the Cycle’ was started with help from the Child and Family Services of the Upper Peninsula as a way for kids to learn about mountain biking, and have a positive influence in their life.

The goal is to have the participants race in the Ore to Shore later this year.  There are around a dozen kids participating, ranging in ages from eight to 15-years-old.

They come to Cycle Soleil once a week to learn the basics of mountain biking.  Theresa Coates, owner of Cycle Soleil, said she offered to host ‘Start the Cycle’ after talking with two people from the program, John Olensavage and Curtis Hewitt.

Once the weather is warmer, the kids will be able to bike outside.  There are also volunteers that work at Judicial Court that are training with them.

Being part of the program involved being referred and agreeing.  The program has 15 participants.  A second group may be involved in ‘Start the Cycle’ sometime next year.