Sled dog crafts at ‘Warm-Up Party’

The  U.P. Children’s Museum had activities ready for kids that were looking to warm up before the start of the U.P. 200 sled dog race.  They put on a U.P. 200 ‘Warm-Up Party’ full of food and crafts.

Craft stations were set up in different parts of the museum that let kids get out of the cold before heading outside to cheer on the sled dog teams.  All of the crafts had a sled dog theme.  Kids were able to make foam dog ears, dog bone shakers, paint paper bags to look like musher bibs, and make dog goggles called ‘doggles’.

“It’s a cold day, so we wanted a chance for the kids who might be out for  long time to get inside,” Jim Edwards, Director of Programming and Parties said.

He added that the ‘Warm-Up Party’ is a good way to get inside and be a family.   “Be together, and get messy,” he said.  “Do what you can’t do at home, make a mess and make a noise.”

Pizza, cookies and free hot chocolate were also served.

There was even a wooden sled that parents could pull their children, allowing the kids to get a feel of what it would be like to be a musher.