Mqt. City Commission discusses Presque Isle Marina

The Presque Isle Marina was a topic of discussion at the Marquette City Commissioners meeting Monday night.

The commissioners had a report about what sort of improvements are needed for the marina.  The project will start this summer.

Commissioner Frederick Stonehouse said the marina is in need of a full rebuilding, and will be about a seven or eight phase project.  One of the first things to be done will be dredging the harbor, and work on one of the piers.

There is no word on if the marina will have to be closed for the dredging project, but Commissioner Stonehouse said the city is hoping to have the dredging done before the summer season.

There is no timeline yet for when all of the improvements to the marina would be finished.

The commission also approved to rename a portion of Lakeshore Boulevard north and west of Peter White Drive as Island Beach Road at a unanimous 7–0 vote.