Snyder Sounds Off on Fiscal Cliff

The country now has only three full days to go before it reaches the fiscal cliff.

It would result in tax increases for most Americans, as well as cuts to military and domestic spending.

President Obama summoned Congressional leaders to the White House this afternoon to try to hammer out a last–minute solution.

Here in Michigan, Governor Rick Snyder says the state’s economy would grow more easily if Washington had its own house in order.

He says when people ask him about Washington, he calls it a mess, and he doesn’t assign the responsibility for the capitol being a mess to one of the major parties or the other.

The governor says the fiscal cliff debate needs to address tax reform, a new federal budget and the national debt.

Snyder says when he took office nearly two years ago, all three of those same issues were on the table at the state level in Michigan, but he says all three have since been addressed.