Asian Carp Protest in Escanaba

State lawmakers, businesspeople and fishermen come together in Escanaba.

It’s a protest to demand that Illinois do something to stop Asian carp from entering the Great Lakes.

The Asian carp, a large invasive fish, could destroy native fish and plant life, disrupting the environment of the Great Lakes.

And that has the Bay de Noc Great Lakes Sport Fishermen worried.

They work with the DNR to maintain the fishery through a lot of time and money.

Jim Bonifas says the group stocks the bay with walleye every year, but the Asian carp would kill the walleye off.

State Reps Judy Nerat of Wallace, Steve Lindberg of Marquette and Mike Lahti of Hancock came out for the protest.

The protestors are calling for Illinois officials to close 2 Lake Michigan locks that let the Asian carp through.

The fish could cripple the fishing and boating industries.

Nerat says with the already-high unemployment in the region, any more widespread job losses could be devastating.

They’ve set up a website where you can send virtual Asian carp to Illinois state officials who are leaving the locks open, which allows the fish to enter.

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