Pioneer Surgical Moving Jobs to Texas

One of Marquette’s high-tech companies isn’t leaving town, but it does have changes in store for some of its employees.

Pioneer Surgical Technology is opening a new office in Austin, Texas.

Most of the company’s marketing and sales functions that it does out of Marquette will be moving there.

Manufacturing will be staying put.

Pioneer Surgical president and CEO Jeff Millin says while the natural beauty that comes from relative isolation is the great thing about living in the U.P., the not-so-great thing is that the isolation makes it hard to travel to other places.

And when your marketing or sales job requires face-to-face contact with clients in other parts of the country, that’s a problem.

Millin says there are 10 spine companies in the Austin area and the move will make it a lot easier to deal with them.

The company will still have some employees in Marquette who deal with marketing, especially with things like graphic design.

Millin says the marketing staff in Texas will likely be 11 or 12 people, with 3 people from Marquette being offered jobs there and the others being new hires.

He says they’ll try to find other positions within the company in Marquette for the marketing staff people they have here who won’t be going south and won’t be kept in their same jobs.

The marketing staff should be working out of Austin starting April 1st.

The company is considered a leader in spinal and orthopedic implants and instruments.